Hometown Guide: Kristiansten Fortress

10th April 2016

Kristiansten Festning

I Have known that this place existed since I moved to Trondheim, yet im my one and a half years here I have never been. Why? Because from the ground it looks like a old, lonley building atop of a hill. It is so much more. Even when it was raining, and the grass was dead from having been crushed by snow for the last 3 months it was still beautiful.

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Travel Inspiration

8th April 2016

A while ago I ordered some free travel brochures from Topdeck, and they came in the post sometime duri ng Easter. So when I got back to Trondheim these beauties were waiting for me. I really want to do a Interrail trip at some point in my life, so the Europe & Sailing brochure is the perfect inspiration that I need.

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