17th October 2016


I am going to shut down this site in the near future, as I just do not have the time nor energy to keep it up.

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A Visit to Tromsø, Norway

24th July 2016

The Main Street

In April I got to visit Tromsø, a city in the north of Norway, for the first time. I went there to compete in Kickboxing, and though that did not go my way it was a nice trip. On the last day I had some extra hours to just walk around and take pictures of the town. In this post I want to share them with you.

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3rd June 2016


I have been studying for my exams basically every day since the beginning of May and I am am starting to feel exhausted. Luckily there are only two left. One tomorrow and the last one on Wednesday. After that I am done for this semester! I have some posts planned for the future but I have not had the time to edit the pictures for them yet, so they will be up sometime after next week.

In the mean time I leave you with some pictures I took on my way from the park yesterday. Yes, I went to the park to try and read about “The Fundamentals of Database System.” It’s safe to say that there was very little reading that went down.

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Hometown Guide: Kristiansten Fortress

10th April 2016

Kristiansten Festning

I Have known that this place existed since I moved to Trondheim, yet im my one and a half years here I have never been. Why? Because from the ground it looks like a old, lonley building atop of a hill. It is so much more. Even when it was raining, and the grass was dead from having been crushed by snow for the last 3 months it was still beautiful.

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